The growing demand for self-ordering kiosks

The rapid evolution of technology is transforming the F&B and retail industries. Today, there are numerous devices that can help to improve the customer experience, thereby increasing sales and profits for businesses.

One such example is self-ordering kiosks.

As its name suggests, self-ordering kiosks are machines which can display information, take orders, process transactions, and more. They are commonly found in F&B (especially fast food chains), and in shopping malls.


Benefits of self-ordering kiosks

Shorten waiting times and reduce reliance on staff. There is a reason fast food chains favour self-ordering kiosks – speed. Self-ordering kiosks can complement traditional cashier stations to speed up ordering, especially during peak periods. It will also reduce the stress on staff, and ensure that operations still run smoothly when there is a staff shortage. Businesses will also enjoy greater flexibility in staffing, as self-ordering kiosks can free counter staff to help with other business operations when there are fewer customers around.

Contactless ordering and payments. The pandemic has underscored the importance of contactless payments. Self-ordering kiosks coated with anti-bacterial film can provide a safe and clean environment for customers, giving them greater peace of mind when ordering. Contactless payments are also possible with self-ordering kiosks, to offer customers speed and convenience.

Enhances order accuracy. A self-ordering kiosk with a visual menu display is a godsend. Customers can reference the images on the menu to input orders, decreasing the margin of error significantly. This will prevent misunderstandings with cashiers, and consequences such as poor customer experience or bad reviews.


How to choose a self-ordering kiosk

Screen display quality and touchscreen sensitivity. A self-ordering kiosk is a physical representation of your brand. Customers today have high expectations for quality and UI/UX. If the screen display quality and touchscreen sensitivity are poor, it will leave a bad impression on customers.

Payment support. Not all self-ordering kiosks have payment support. If your business requires features such as NFC payment, make sure to check the specifications of your self-ordering kiosk.

Additional built-in functions. Similarly, not all self-ordering kiosks have the same functions. Generally, useful functions to look out for are scanners and receipt or ticket printers.



With so many benefits, it is unsurprising that self-ordering kiosks are more and more commonly adopted. Try it out to unlock many benefits for your business!

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