What’s the scoop on POS System for Ice Cream Shop?

Ice cream is always a treat. It’s such a universally enjoyed dessert that 90% of Americans have ice cream in their freezers, and the son of Singapore’s Prime Minister made an interactive map of the best ice cream places on the little red dot.

iMin POS System for Ice Cream Shop Photo from Unsplash An ice cream shop in Broadstairs, UK. Photo by Ferran Feixas on Unsplash

While ice cream shops may evoke idyllic memories, they are ultimately businesses which have to work with operational realities. In this case, a straightforward and efficient POS system for ice cream shop is the way to go.



About Gofrugal

Gofrugal was set up in 2014 and is currently headquartered in Chennai, India. The company handles a wide range of POS and digital services, including retail, food and beverage, and distribution.

With over 30,000 customers worldwide, their expertise is well-established.


Getting started with Gofrugal

Gofrugal has four pricing plans, which are chargeable yearly.

iMin POS System for Ice Cream Shop Gofrugal Pricing Plans

Gofrugal’s pricing plans

The “Starter” plan does not include features such as customer relationship management, so ice cream shops which need more than the bare necessities should consider the “Standard” and “Professional” plans instead.

Implementation specialists will help with the set-up, making it convenient for the business owner.


Which ice cream shops should choose Gofrugal?

Gofrugal is a POS software provider which does not provide hardware. However, the team is familiar with hardware system requirements for different number of stores, systems, and orders, so syncing hardware will not be a problem.

It has all the basic POS requirements covered, including menu management, sales processing, and data reporting.

In addition, Gofrugal can be integrated with online ordering platforms such as Swiggy, Zomato, and UberEats. Orders and sales from all platforms are consolidated on a single screen, for ease of monitoring and comparison. Get business insights across platforms to determine which are the most profitable for your business.

For an additional fee, a customer feedback application can also be created to easily obtain customer feedback.

iMin POS System for Ice Cream Shop Gofrugal Customer Feedback

Ways to use Gofrugal’s customer feedback application

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About SpicePOS

Hailing from Sri Lanka, SpicePOS aims to provide the right solutions for small to medium sized businesses.


Getting started with SpicePOS

Request a free demo or call the SpicePOS team directly on their sales hotline to get started.

iMin POS System for Ice Cream Shop SpicePOS Pricing Plan

SpicePOS’s software pricing plans

The “Start” and “Grow” plans can only be used at one branch, and collect a limited quantity of customer data. These are all unlimited in the “Thrive” plan.


Which ice cream shops should choose SpicePOS?

SpicePOS was built for fast service. Ice cream shops will be able to input unlimited menu additions, enabling employees to key in orders quickly.

It also has a solid customer relationship management system. Employees will be able to view past purchases, preferences, and profile of customers to elevate their service on the spot.

In addition, ice cream shops can create a loyalty programme which rewards customers with loyalty points.

In the long-term, ice cream shops can use SpicePOS to analyse customer trends.

iMin POS System for Ice Cream Shop SpicePOS CRM

SpicePOS’s customer relationship management interface

Using SpicePOS, ice cream shops can send digital receipts to customers. This is great for customer service, as customers do not have to fumble to keep the receipt. It also enables the ice cream shop to enter the customer’s details into the customer relationship management system seamlessly.


3FS Technology

About 3FS Technology

Headquartered in Melaka, Malaysia, 3FS Technology specialises in providing POS system which fulfil customer requirements.

3FS Technology has a strong lineup of both Android and Windows POS hardware, and strives to establish long-term relationships with their partners.


Getting started with 3FS Technology

3FS Technology provides software and hardware in separate pricing plans.

To find out more, ice cream shop owners can contact them directly. They are active on Whatsapp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and have a contact form on their website as well.


Which ice cream shops should choose 3FS Technology?

3FS Technology runs cloud-based POS systems, which enable real time sales reporting.

They also offer fully customisable menu options, so inputting items will be a breeze whether you are selling mint chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream or pink lemonade raspberry sorbet.

iMin POS System for Ice Cream Shop 3FS Technology Interface

Examples of 3FS Technology’s interface

In addition, 3FS Technology provides local payment integrations including WeChat pay, a convenience for customers – searching for coins while watching ice cream melt is the worst feeling ever. Their payment system can also split the bill, perfect for larger groups of customers.

iMin POS System for Ice Cream Shop 3FS Technology Scenario

3FS Technology in use at a dessert shop. Pictured hardware is iMin’s D2.

If your ice cream shop is still handwriting pint labels, you will be glad to know that customisable label printing is possible with 3FS Technology. Start marking out your orders efficiently for payment and collection!


Keep your cool

iMin POS System for Ice Cream Shop Photo from Unsplash

Ice cream at a beach, photo by Krissara Lertnimanorladee on Unsplash

The multitude of business decisions to be made may be confusing and frustrating. An appropriate POS system for ice cream shop will alleviate many of your worries.

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*All information about Gofrugal, SpicePOS, and 3FS Technology were obtained from their respective websites, accurate as of November 2021.


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