Temperature Screening Device

As our country starts to implement the reopening plans during the COVID-19 pandemic, non-contact temperature screening devices may be used as a part of the initiative steps at every checkpoint to identify those people with fever. Bear in mind that even with the usage of smart temperature screening device, there’s still some limitation as to reduce the spreading of covid-19 infection. Some studies and researches shows that the temperature measurement still will display incorrect data and thus missed out some infected individual.

In line with the new tagline, “ Know your people and know them well”, iMin had added a new product line which is the risk control management device, officemate R1 Pro. 

R1 Pro uses the temperature sense IC’s from the  world leader in automotive semiconductor sensors, Melexis. Melexis has a strong history of  core experience in creating chipsets for automation, driver’s ICs and wireless device to cater for the demand of smart appliances, home automationand as well as medical applications.


Melexis MLX 90640

User Scenario

Foundations, for example, retail organizations, transportation frameworks, and network associations are creating plans to continue typical or staged tasks during the COVID-19 pandemic. These plans may incorporate an underlying evaluation to attempt to recognize individuals who might be irresistible to restrict the spread of COVID-19 diseases. Temperature screening can be one aspect of the evaluation to decide whether an individual has a raised temperature conceivably brought about by a COVID-19 infection. One technique to quantify an individual’s surface temperature is the utilization of “no-contact” or non-contact temperature screening device, for example, warm imaging frameworks (otherwise called warm imaging cameras or infrared tele-thermographic frameworks) or non-contact infrared temperature scanner. The utilization of other temperature appraisal gadgets, for example, oral thermometers, requires physical contact which may build the danger of spreading contamination


R1 Pro’s benefits

– Accuracy temperature screening within 0.5s

– 0 contact interactions within the distance of 50-80cm with people

– “At risk” personnel identification which can alerts the authority personnel

– Organized deployment e.g. hidden cables for a neat and presentable overall product view

– Localised customisation as according to the specific country’s access control applications

Technical Specification:

Processor                                                        4 Core 1.6GHz

OS                                                                     Android 7.1

Memory                                                          2GB RAM+ 16GB ROM

Display                                                             8″ 800×1280

Touch screen                                                  Multi-point Capacitive Touch Panel

 Interface                                                         DC 5.5mm 12V, RJ45, RS232,USB x1, Wiegand etc.

 Comms                                                            Ethernet: 100M, Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz,

                                                                          Bluetooth 4.2

 Power supply                                                 Input: 100-240V Output: 12V 2A

 Installation mode                                          Upright stand, Wall mount, Desktop, brake

 Detection distance                                        30cm-80cm

 Field angle                                                      60°X16°

 Sensor                                                             Melexis 90640

 Speaker                                                           1.5W Mono

 Temperature coverage / accuracy             0℃~20℃:1.5℃; 20℃~32℃:0.5℃; 32℃                    
                                                                           ~43℃:0.3℃; 43℃~50℃:1℃

Dimension                                                        134.8×252.2×18.2mm/24.8mm(Highest point)


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