Fast checkout or payment options, are no doubt one of the best ways to improve customer service, thus a touch screen cashier machine will get the job done, perfectly. iMin’s POS system is a great transition for those retails and food and beverages industry into a tech-based in-store experience with a few valuable features. Among the top star features of a touch screen cashier machine are as follows:

That being said, full utilisation of the star features of a touch screen cashier machine can improves the effectiveness of it, for both customer and merchant. A common difference between a manual cash register machine and the touch screen cashier machine is that the latter doesn’t only help merchant to process their order and payment effectively, it also have other star features below:

Ordering through Menu

Simplifies the order taking by using a touch screen cashier machine. All it needs is just the menu item integration into the POS system itself. Once the order are confirmed by the staff themselves, it will be sent directly to the back kitchen for preparation. Additionally, you can set the system to buy in some opportunities to upsell, or to inform customer about the allergens.

Table reservation

Most of the touch screen cashier machine are already integrate a third party booking system or the merchant own website booking system for their customers. With this table reservation system ready, all the booking can be done accordingly and will not clash, thus allow the business to run smoothly for the restaurant.

Stock Monitoring

Unlike a manual cash register machine, a touch screen cashier machine offers a clear insight of your stock. Touch screen cashier machine can generate a stock report for merchant to let them plan ahead for their quarterly stock purchasing schedule. Aside from that, merchant can even set a date for the item to be reorder if the system detects a low level in the item.

 Loyalty programme

During this day and age, the desires or demands from customer are flooding in and building up as they wants more. They enjoy the feelings of being appreciated or rewarded when they spend their money in your businesses. So this is the part where you can customize your touch screen cashier machine for marketing purposes to keep them coming back for more. By using the customer relationship management (CRM) to set up a loyalty programme, one can stay in touch with their customers such as sending in emails or any notifications whenever there’s discount or sales in your business.

App integration

With the advance technology , almost all touch screen cashier machine can now integrate with some additional application such as accounting apps, customer relationship apps or even social media management apps. Another popular apps which can integrate with the touch screen cashier machine is the hotel management software to expand the business itself.

In conclusion, iMin’s touch screen cashier machine provides all these benefits plus plenty more. Our customer are able to enjoy a whole new checkout experience that can even have interaction with their personal mobile devices such as the cashless payment system.

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