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Some features and characteristics which affects the QR code scanner pricing and the conventional bar code scanner is that Quick response (QR) codes are two-dimensional and machine-readable matrix bar codes originally developed and designed in 1994 by Denso Wave Incorporated for the purpose of accurate and fast inventory checks. Conventional one-dimensional bar codes can store information only in the horizontal manner, while QR codes have the ability to store information both vertically and horizontally. So more perfect and huge information can be stored in QR codes than in one-dimensional conventional bar codes The stored information can be encoded as a URL, text, or other various types of data, which can be easily read by the cameras of mobile device With the increasing popularity of camera-enabled smartphones, the users of QR codes are increasing rapidly. Japanese advertisers and marketers swiftly embraced these codes as marketing tools in a broad range of marketing and promotional activities because of high information storage and encoding capacity of QR codes. In the early 2000s, QR codes quickly gained very good reputation in the Europe, and in North America soon after, with marketers and manufacturers putting QR codes on many products and services from labels of wine to shampoo bottles to candy bars In China, QR codes are used in many daily activities including marketing, social platform (such as WeChat), m-payment, online shopping, and ticket management.

Basically QR code is two-dimensional and dynamic. If QR code is associated with a URL, and the linked URL changes any time, it is possible to amend the underlying data of URL without changing the image of the QR code. According to Pulliam and Landry, QR codes are approved by International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and are freely available. Anyone can make a QR code freely for any data or link from the Internet. These codes are well-designed and well-planned, with a superior capacity to one-dimensional or conventional matrix bar code. QR also has error correction variability and capabilities. Up to 30% of obscured or damaged data can be recovered again.

In the area of both academic and commercial settings, this code has a broad range of uses and is used by marketers to link customers for giving product- and service-related information, promotion, and selling product and service and for E-commerce communication QR codes are commonly used for tracking inventory and labeling of product in manufacturing and as managing ticket activities in transportation. QR code also supports mobile ticketing; helps in event promotion and in tourism afford location-based services; and is widely used in government offices to circulate instructions and various information, assist applications for documents and permits, and simplify regular office activities. QR codes are also used as application tools in the social media such as WeChat, Facebook, and Snapchat.

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