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QR codes are everywhere today. These black and white squiggles in a square are used for payments, surveys, website links, and even to facilitate contact tracing during the pandemic.

Though we see QR codes every day, are we aware of what a “QR code” is? “QR” stands for “Quick Response”, and is a visual representation of information which can be read by machines.

They are similar to barcodes, only differing in that barcodes are 1-dimensional while QR codes are 2-dimensional. This means that barcodes can only contain information in one direction, while barcodes can contain information in two directions, horizontal and vertical.

Today, anyone and everyone can easily create a QR code using tools online. The rise of smart devices has corresponding enabled a digitally literate population to conveniently scan these codes.

Catching the wave of popularity, many businesses also began to transform their payment methods into QR pay. This form of cashless payment enables consumers to make payment immediately through their mobile phones, eliminating the hassle of traditional cash transactions. Using a scanner, businesses can similarly scan QR codes on consumers’ mobile phones to collect payment.


What types of QR code readers are there?

There are two broad categories of QR code reader devices that can carry out this function – built-in scanners and standalone scanners.

As its name suggests, built-in QR code scanners are embedded in the hardware of POS devices. They are typically seen on a mobile POS, but can also be present on other POS types like self-ordering kiosks.

On the other hand, standalone QR code scanners are usually small, portable devices which solely serve the function of scanning. These scanners can be connected to other devices such as desktop POS devices to complement their capabilities.

Businesses may prefer one or the other depending on their business needs – both are good options which will help with business operations.


Evolve with contactless payments

In conclusion, cashless payment has evolved into a formidable trend, transforming retail and F&B business operations. Stay ahead of the curve by assimilating QR code functionalities into your business!

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