What POS systems do fast food restaurants use?

The key to fast food restaurants is the word “fast”. Customers want their food, and they want it immediately.

Huge players in the fast food restaurant scene have it down pat – McDonalds USA claims that the average waiting time for an order at their drive through is just 284 seconds [1]. Yet, to some, this is considered slow. Dunkin’ Donuts clocks in at a startling 230 seconds for an order, the fastest surveyed! [2]

How do fast food restaurants achieve these startling timings? One of their methods is to rely on a great POS system made for fast food restaurants.

This article will share three POS system for fast food which have features to help your restaurant become as fast and delightful. It will cover POS software providers: Eats365, Poster, and Firstcom Solutions.

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About Eats365

Hailing from Singapore, Eats365 is a POS solution made for the food and beverage industry. Eats365 is said to have a 98% customer retention and satisfaction rate, a feat which speaks volumes of their quality and service.


Getting started with Eats365

Get in touch with Eats365 conveniently on their website. From there, a staff member will assist your business with the solutions needed.


Which fast food restaurants should choose Eats365?

Eats365 has a full suite of POS devices which create a great operational workflow for fast food restaurants.

First, Eats365 can be connected to self-service kiosks. Self-service kiosks are an important component of fast food restaurants as they can speed up queues, reduce reliance on employees, and showcase a more attractive menu using graphics. Indeed, many well-established fast food restaurants operate the same number of self-service kiosks and cashier counters.

The self-service kiosks can be connected to kitchen display systems for immediate order processing. After paying directly using the kiosk, customers can also be provided with pagers to alert them when their order is ready for collection. Alternatively, or in tandem, Eats365 provides E-signage which displays ticket numbers ready for collection.

Once an order is placed, kitchen tickets will be sent to the kitchen display system. The system can be configured to display tickets by waiting time, category, table, or chronological order, offering fast food restaurants the decision on how to process orders more efficiently.

On the Eats365 mobile application, fast food restaurants can promote directly to potential customers. Customers using the application can also get orders, redeem promotions, and get queue numbers directly from the application.

This is a convenient option for businesses which do not wish to develop their own mobile application. For businesses which are keen on a custom application, Eats365 can develop a white label option for a fee.

iMin POS System for Fast Food Eats365 Mobile

Eats365’s mobile application interface

In addition, Eats365 is equipped with a customer relationship management and analytics system which enables businesses to collect granular detail about consumer preferences. For instance, it is touted to be able to determine the frequency of customer visits, spending per visit, preferences, and more.



About Poster

Poster is a POS software provider made for the food and beverage industry. Founded in 2013, it has grown to process over 800,000 orders a day and has a presence in 94 countries.


Getting started with Poster

Poster offers a generous 15-day trial for all of its subscription plans. Businesses which are still on the fence also have the option of booking an hour-long Skype presentation with them to learn more about their company and products.


iMin POS System for Fast Food Poster Subscription Plans

Poster’s pricing plans, by month 

Businesses can also accumulate more cost savings by subscribing to their yearly plan instead of monthly plan.

These subscription plans exclude hardware. Fast food restaurants may source for their own hardware according to their preference as Poster’s software is device agonistic. All it requires are minimum technical requirements, which are stated on its website.


Which fast food restaurants should choose Poster?

Businesses on Poster’s Pro subscription plan can have access to their “Kitchen Kit”. In essence, it is a kitchen display system which enables the front of house (or cashier) to connect seamlessly to the back of house (chefs).

With this system, chefs can pull up recipes to check ingredients, quantity needed, and cooking methods. This can shave off minutes in a fast-paced kitchen environment, a plus point for any fast food restaurant. The cashier will then be automatically notified when the order is ready. Note that the kitchen kit is only available for use on Android devices.

Poster also has a couple of interesting integrations which may be of interest to fast food restaurants.

The first is Poster Shop, where businesses can launch a new website within 15 minutes. For $19 a month, the fast food restaurant will be equipped with online ordering and delivery services.

This price only applies to restaurants fulfilling up to 500 orders a month, additional charges apply for more than 500 orders. However, the first 100 orders will be free of charge. On the website, card payments can be made, although restaurant will have to pay a commission fee to Stripe, Poster’s chosen card payment gateway.

The second is Poster Connect, for fast food restaurant franchises. While it is an inexpensive upgrade, franchises are advised to consider POS system for franchise POS System for Franchise instead of relying on an integration.

Other than these integrations, Poster has a marketplace for third party integrations to serve additional needs of fast food restaurants.


iMin POS System for Fast Food Poster Integrations

Poster’s integrations

Poster also does not lag behind in other POS functions. It has sales analytics to check on the restaurant’s popular items, profit margins and more. In addition, its management tools span employee management, inventory management, and finance.


Firstcom Solutions

About Firstcom Solutions

With humble beginnings in telecommunications and web hosting, Firstcom has been expanding its scope of services since 2010. Now, it has a full range of digital solutions, from website development to in-house production.

With 200 full-time staff of diverse expertise overseeing their projects, it is no surprise that Firstcom has an impressive portfolio of past works.

Businesses based in Singapore may also be happy to hear that Firstcom is a government vendor for the Productivity Solutions Grant and Digital Resilience Bonus, which can help to defray project costs.


Getting started with Firstcom Solutions

Firstcom can be easily contacted via their website or email address. Businesses based in Singapore can even give them a call for immediate response.


Which fast food restaurants should choose Firstcom Solutions? 

Firstcom stands out with their comprehensive series of services. Anything from food delivery, customer relationship management, and reports on sales is well within Firstcom’s scope of services.


iMin POS System for Fast Food Firstcom Interface

Firstcom’s food delivery interface

Thus, they are highly recommended for fast food restaurants about to open or restaurants which are planning for an overhaul of business operations to make improvements.

Firstcom also exudes trustworthiness, just by the sheer number of detailed case studies they have provided on their website.

For instance, Firstcom worked with Japanese gourmet grocer Zairyo to sync fresh produce shipment dates with customers’ selected delivery dates. With this automation, employees no longer needed to manually resolve delivery issues. The improved customer experience then led to a threefold increase in orders.

All in all, fast food restaurants which have holistic business plans can consider Firstcom to push them forward.


Fastest fingers first!

The first step to changing your fast food restaurant for the better is to start.

With the help of POS software providers such as Eats365, Poster, and Firstcom Solutions, your business will be in good hands.

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*All information about Eats365, Poster, and Firstcom Solutions were obtained from their respective websites, accurate as of November 2021.


[1] https://www.restaurantdive.com/news/mcdonalds-improves-drive-thru-times-by-20-seconds/565577/

[2] https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/fast-food-drive-thru-times-study-chick-fil-a-trnd/index.html

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