Dream of starting your own bubble tea business?

You are in luck! Global bubble tea sales have soared in the past few years and are expected to continue growing. [1] In particular, the Asia Pacific region boasts the largest market share of bubble tea sales, valued at a staggering 823.90 million USD.


Growth of global bubble tea sales, from Fortune Business Insights

However, while bubble tea stores are constantly innovating new flavour combinations and delightful offerings, many still lack effective POS systems to accelerate their operations.

Thus, bubble tea shop owners should profile their business niche and evaluate the best bubble tea POS system before making a long-term investment.

Here’s what you need to know about POS systems for bubble tea that can keep your operations running smoothly!

Mobile POS system for bubble tea shop

In 2018, bubble tea ranked number #2 on the most commonly ordered Grabfood items in Southeast Asia.[2] Fast forward to 2021, when COVID-19 dining restrictions are unpredictable and ever-changing, delivery services increase in importance.

To facilitate accepting, fulfilling, and dispatching orders, it is imperative to own a mobile POS optimised for food delivery. But what does a POS system for bubble tea optimised for delivery look like? Here are some must-have features:

Mobile. The “Mobile” in “Mobile POS” is inspired by how similar a mobile POS is to a mobile phone. For instance, the iMin M2 Pro is only twice the weight of an average smartphone. Thus, when delivery riders need to clarify orders or make amendments, your shop assistants can quickly bring the mobile POS to them and make the necessary changes.

Built-in printer. Every delivery-only order comes with a receipt that needs to be attached to the delivery bag. Bubble tea shop owners can save the hassle of purchasing an additional printer and save space by choosing a POS with a built-in printer.

Small. Rent is not cheap, even for smaller shops. For bubble tea stores that have limited counter space, it is crucial to maximise every inch. Many shops today have to work with multiple delivery partners to reach different groups of consumers. When multiple delivery partners each provide a large POS device to the shop, the devices quickly take up more space than necessary. Thus, look out for POS devices that are designed to work for your space needs.

Desktop POS system for bubble tea shop


Alternatively, if you have scouted out a great shop location with high foot traffic (think: busy heartland malls, transport hubs, high-density neighbourhoods), consider a desktop POS system for bubble tea.

Desktop POS have the advantage of:

Powerful Processors. Gone are the days of bulky and slow desktop POS devices. Technological advancements mean that business owners can expect more from their POS. For example, the rise of Android POS as an alternative to Windows POS opened up possibilities for POS devices streamlined for core functionalities used by the typical business.

Multi-functional. On top of taking orders, a desktop POS can help you to manage queues, update your inventory, print receipts, manage customer relationships, and more. Some POS systems can even manage your employees using intelligent technology.

Seamless connectivity. Desktop POS can often be equipped with additional features through ports. Some standard features that bubble tea businesses may use are cash drawers and scanners for contactless payments.

That’s a great return on investment for one POS device! Bubble tea brands are constantly vying for customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Make your desktop POS work for your brand, so you only have to focus on creating unique products.

Self-service kiosk POS system for bubble tea shop


For truly contactless transactions, or if you foresee difficulties sourcing for manpower, try a self-service kiosk!

Immersive experience. Self-service kiosks can be customized to display high-resolution photos of your products and to show available promotions. A multi-capacitive touch screen also enables customers to breeze through the ordering process, creating a unique customer-centric experience.

Reduce waiting time. Many fast-food chains have adopted self-service kiosks to speed up their orders, an example that high volume bubble tea shops can follow to increase efficiency.

Focus on your craft. An emblem of our times, the self-service kiosk oversees customer interaction so that you or your employees can focus on crafting delicious bubble tea drinks.

Self-service kiosks are a good option for shops expecting more tech-savvy customers. Also, it provides an additional layer of defense against the spread of COVID-19 if proper sanitization and safe distancing procedures are followed.

According to GrabFood statistics, in 2019, the average Southeast Asian drinks 4 cups of bubble tea a month.[3] Joining the growing bubble tea industry is an excellent business opportunity. But, remember to look before you leap and make worthwhile investments in equipment that are business-ready. Create a wonderful experience for customers today!

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