POS Solution: 2 tips to train your associates in POS solution

F&B and the retail industry experienced a rapid change compared to the other industries. One has no option but to stay in line with the development of the technology and the customer experience when they are managing a retails or owning a restaurant business.

Nowadays, as technology continues to grow exponentially, a lot of retailers and restaurant owners are switching to a better point of sales systems to ring up their sales revenue. A better-organized inventory and a way of managing table layouts or the staff to increase their sales revenue and provides them with a total pos solution.

A smart POS system could work out a lot of magic for your staff management and also the way you communicate with them. But in order to maximize the benefits of a smart POS system, the business owners need to educate the staff on the usage of the smart POS system.

A straightforward way of teaching how to manage the smart POS system will definitely be effective. But first thing first, there are a few measures that one should take into account when they are educating the staff about the usage of the smart POS.

Consider these 2 important tips:

  1.  A full understanding of the smart POS
  2.  Getting familiar with the smart POS itself.

These practices may seem strange and they might be clueless to the new employee, especially those who are in the retails and restaurants business. So, let’s have a quick look at how to improves the usage of smart POS through the practices in detail.


1.A full understanding of the smart POS

As it generalized POS or a smart POS, one should be familiar with the features and also the specifications of them in order to ensure the smoothness of the business operation.

Understanding your point-of-sale system inside and out will quicken the training for your employees and help them to further integrate what they learn from the training into the business operation.

There are a few things that you should bear in mind when you’re examining your POS system, they are:

  •  Is your POS a smart or legacy type? The differences between them will bring a vital role in your business workflow and also the sales revenue of your business. The legacy POS is managed through an offline method, as monitoring from one station to another station, while smart POS can be managed through the cloud.
  •  Is the POS system up-to-date? Examine your current POS system. The conventional point-of-sale system could bring a huge negative impact and reduce the efficiency of your business. In solving this issue, you may consider upgrading to a smart POS system or at least updating your current POS system in order for your business to stay competitive within the market itself.

Having a clear mind of your current point-of-sale system will also make it a lot easier to teach your staff how to use it. The fact is that whether you are upgrading your current POS system or setting up your first-ever POS system, this idea will pretty sure smoothen your business workflow.

2.Getting familiar with the smart POS itself.

With the introduction of a smart POS or also known as a cloud-based POS system into the market, the legacy POS is getting lesser and hard to implement into the f&b and retails business lately.

Due to it being more advanced, a smart point-of-sale system becomes a necessity for business owners, especially in the F&B and retail industries. Take, for example, a mobile/handheld POS system that will also become mainstream in restaurants.

In short, if you are trying to equip all your staff with a smart POS system, there are some topics which you need to pay attention to:

  •  Client management. A smart POS system could keep track of the customer’s spending behavior and loyalty history. These data mean a lot as they can differentiate between a loyal customer and a potential one. Thus, mastering the key features of the smart POS system will improve your customer services and experience.
  •  Inventory keeping. Smart point-of-sales systems can also track and record down the sales better than most of the staff as they have all the purchasing records saved inside them. Besides, some even have the features of the real-time update which allows the employees to check their stocks and give them updates on the fly.
  •  Payment processing. On the other hand, smart POS makes payment a breeze for customers. Anything from a loyalty card, gift card, and also the exact balance can be accommodated by it. If you’re looking for a more advanced smart POS perspective, iMin’s blog post/article on POS solutions provides great assurance for how a smart POS system can ease your work, your staff, and provide a total POS solution for your business.

In a nutshell, training your staff to be a POS system expert doesn’t need to be a tough process as you can always find ways to train them in proper and efficient ways. With the tips above, the realization of a streamlined workflow is just a matter of choice. What’s more, your customers will soon realize the difference, leaving you to enjoy the benefits of a smart POS.

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