How to digitalize your retail after covid19

During this pandemic period, a lot of SME’s trying very hard to cope with the changes in trend from offline to online. Some giant corporate such as Google itself even encourage their employee to work from home until the end of year 2020. As a result, employees with home access to all the needed tools, data and communications, labored on. In many cases, this new work environment created even more efficiencies for the working trends. Events which as distracting such as meetings and on road traffic which consumes a lot of time, are now drastically minimized. 

Some company which have resisted the digital transformation, or some industry that are related who didn’t take advantages from it, came to a sudden halt. These party are the one who suffered a lot during the COVID-19 economic crisis simply because they didn’t know how to digitalize their retail after the covid19 economic crisis.  

Those benefits from the digital transformation are as below:



Maintains the retail chain value

Your retail value chain the is blood vein for your retail business . During this pandemic, it is crucial to keep your retail value chain operate continuously. The implementation of redundant system procedure such as identifying the backup suppliers and seeking new alternative digital transformation to minimize the disruption of your retail chain value.

Improves workforce efficiency

The digital transformation brings about automation of repetitive task in the respective department. It allows the automation to take place for many processes, which will help to reduce workforce and also decreases the labor cost in order to minimize the risk of disruptions.

Further enhances customer experience

Maintaining the communications and keeping them open with your customers and adopt a fully transparent policies via different digital media channels such as social media, website ,emails and conference calls. The client will show appreciation and their loyalty towards your retails during the pandemic and reward you by bringing new business prospect or repeat orders. A fully transparent customer experience will for sure lengthen your business lifespan and also strengthen the relationship between both parties.  

Maintaining a profitable situation

During the pandemic, a lot of company went through a hard period, but there are also some of them who were able to maintain their profit, which as a result, brought them benefits such as:

-stable cash flow for their company to endure the hardship of the pandemic.

-new investment prospect as result of the digital transformation they picked up.

-prolonged their business lifespan and the chain value of their business.

While the method of the digitalization in each retail industry may varies, all of them can benefits from it. Many CEOs and small retail business owners often use excuses to not undergo the digital transformation such as the size of their company and also stating that they do not know how to digitalize their retail after covid19 because of the lack of knowledges and also manpower as well. They worry that after they undergo such transformation, they cannot compete against the giant company with their unlimited resources. But in truth, they were wrong, and in fact, being a small company is actually a huge advantage, instead of a liability.

In conclusion, iMin as an intelligent business equipment provider, have been technologically, helping all the retails to cope with the aftermath economic crisis of covid19, mainly through its mobile pos machine, M2 to support the online food delivering and also by introducing a new production line which is the smart temperature scanner, R1 Pro

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