During this pandemic, a lot of restaurant businesses had been pushed to adapt to the hard times and experienced a huge transformation in their business module. This so-called transformation slowly took place in the form of new f&b trends for the industry. Those transformations are summarized into:

  • Cloud kitchen/delivery-only kitchen
  • Online delivery
  • Contactless dining

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash 

1.Cloud Kitchen / Delivery-only kitchen

Cloud kitchen/ghost kitchen is a trend for restaurant business owners who is keen to expand their business at a low cost amid the ongoing uncertainty. Operating entirely from the back kitchen and reducing the overhead allows the restaurant owner to shift their focus to source for a quality ingredient to better their food for a good customer experience. Besides, they can also co-brand with multiple brands to boost their exposure. 

2.Contactless dining

Covid-19 has made hygiene a top priority for consumers when they’re dining outside. A lot of restaurant owner has it a compulsory for the implementation of QR code for consumer to scan through and browse the digital menu before placing their meal orders. This saves a lot of hassle for the staff to sanitize the physical menu itself, further reduce the spreading of the disease itself.

Besides hygiene, there a few other benefits that the QR code ordering system brings about.

1.A nice illustration of the dish itself will stimulate the taste bud of the customer, attracting them to order more or even try out new dishes.

2.On the other hand, the kitchen can withstand a high order volume without having to increase any operational cost. QR ordering helps the restaurant owner to break out from the cycle of hiring more to handle the volume of customers, thus increasing the sales revenue for the restaurant itself.

3.Online ordering

During the Movement Control Order (MCO), people were not allowed to dine in at restaurants, and consumers are advised to order food online and have them delivered to their homes. The online ordering business which was already a rising trend when the pandemic starts, becomes even more popular and widely used. Even after the movement control order had been given some relief, a lot of consumers still keen to order their food instead of dining out at the restaurants.

The restaurant owner should seize this golden opportunity by bringing in a reliable and user-friendly online ordering pos system to boost their sales. Besides that, a cloud-based pos system can receive orders from their customer, making them a must-have asset for the restaurant businesses.

A robust POS system is still a necessity.

The f&b trends are undergoing a rapid digital transformation during the pandemic. Therefore, equipping your business with the on-point tools to adapt to the new business environment is crucial. A good POS system, especially a cloud-based POS system where functions such as inventory management, table layout planning, sales report summary, etc, can be carried out simultaneously, while the front-end operations are taking place.

In the near future, POS system will be able to integrate with the front desk even more, such as QR online ordering system with delivery-only kitchen business and self-ordering kiosk so that the business owner can save cost on the overhead and have a centralized system for a seamless ordering experience for the consumers.

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