Facial Recognition CRM System

With all the retails store being pushed by the pandemic waves and the mobile trend including the long-overdue disappearance of the cashwrap-retailers are going to be online payment or e-payment. Does CRM with facial recognition technology make sense? There’s this one vendor who tried a CRM system with facial recognition to unlock a refrigerator, which the product will determine who you are and what is your daily eating habit based on the A.I algorithm computing.

Although the current version of the CRM system has limitations from technical and support side, but the facial recognition protection is far more greater than the other technology.  the potential is probably greater for facial recognition than any other technology. Unlike PIN, card swipes or any other form of biometrics, facial recognition has the potential to do far more than identity verification, including guessing at emotional state, gender, age and other attributes.


iMin’s Smart Temperature Scanner R1 Pro

As a practical matter, facial recognition using A.I algorithm computing has huge potential for CRM and marketing efforts, much more so than for payment authentication. iMin, the manufacturer of the POS system , is pushing its facial recognition package as a way for shoppers to maintain a healthy relationship with customers, ensuring them to return and spend with the loyalty programmes.


iMin Desktop POS with camera, D4-505

However, the  minor restriction is that each store—not each chain—has its own customer database stored inside their device. That means that if a nine-store convenience chain installed this system, a customer would have to re-train the system each time a new store was visited. The much greater concern is the CRM system’s sensitivity. The system is not likely to recognize a shopper if there is even a slight change in appearance. Let’s say you have on sunglasses and you didn’t shave today, these two situation that could fool the system into not recognizing a shopper.

If the system is that particular—and if the shopper has to bring the NFC card along anyway—it seems simpler to just use the card for the dev ice to scan. Unless, of course, the shopper was given a monetary incentive to use the facial recognition CRM system. It’s no different than bribing them to fill out surveys or to participate in other CRM programs as well.

As a conclusion, facial recognition CRM system technology is rapidly approaching the point where these wacky ideas may become practical in terms of realizing the whole facial biometric CRM system. In the same way that Google Voice is showing Siri a thing or two about getting voice recognition correct, experiments with facial recognition have shown decent improvements in how usable data can be extracted from the data collected. Wouldn’t want to replace card-swipes with facial recognition, but in a year or two, having this specific form of biometrics as a CRM and marketing tool has serious possibilities on global platform.



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