Facial Recognition Attendance Taking

iMin’s facial recognition attendance taking device, R1 Pro

Under the epidemic situation, contactless temperature measuring attendance taking device has become enterprises’ necessary equipment to resume work. According to a simulation test of infection risk in returning to work made by researchers recently, 45% of workers will be infected if they did not take temperature measurements, wash hands or wear masks.

As offices belongs to crowd intensive place, the epidemic prevention principle of early detection, early isolation should be taken so as to cut down the infection path. Nowadays, offices use face recognition attendance taking with the temperature screening function device. Firstly, face recognition can replace original card attendance and fingerprint identification attendance machine, effectively reduce contact transmission. Furthermore, such device are able to generate a real-time report anytime, anywhere through a cloud-based platform. Secondly, the temperature function can detect employee body temperature in advance. Infrared thermography can achieve contactless temperature measurement, which will prevent human contact and reduce the huge workload of manual temperature measurement. Besides that, there’s also this mask detection function which is integrated into the device to detect if the personnel is wearing a mask along the temperature screening process.

Just as iMin’s facial recognition temperature attendance taking device, officemate R1 Pro, which can detect body temperature within 0.8 meters to reduce close contact, and realize 24-hour temperature measurement. When abnormal body temperature is found, a real-time voice warning is started, which will help the company quickly measure and select employees with abnormal body temperature. Moreover, it is convenient to install R1 Pro as it supports a variety of communication methods such as WIFI, Ethernet and Bluetooth. Importantly, it allows wall-mounted, desktop and pole-stand installation methods, making it flexibly installed in different locations to meet different scenes requirements.

Facial recognition temperature attendance taking device is not only applied in employee attendance but also suitable for visitor registration scene. In order to prevent the importation of infected persons, visitors need to make identification and temperature detection in advance.  R1 Pro combines face recognition and temperature detection function, guaranteeing visitors can get permission to enter and leave the company only when they possess normal temperature and successful identification verification. The visitor registration terminal will greatly reduce epidemic prevention and control personnel workload and improve inspection and traffic efficiency.

It is reported that an addition of the device can protect 10 detection personnel from infection, and rapidly detect personnel temperature to avoid epidemic spread. And iMin’s facial recognition temperature attendance taking device, R1 Pro as the smart AI device at the epidemic prevention front line will also assume more responsibilities to jointly safeguard world health security.


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