Desktop POS pricing

With point-of-sale systems, there are now more options at affordable price points than ever. Businesses can choose to purchase or lease, and there are hundreds of customization options that can make your company’s next POS system into exactly what you need.

The desktop pos pricing depends on what kind of software and hardware your business will need, as well as how much customization you’ll be doing. In addition, much of the cost variance comes from credit card processing rather than the hardware or software, especially with regards to small businesses. Since there are so many options, discerning the difference can be challenging.

To help, we’ve put together a brief list of the types of options available, with general pricing information. We’ve also included applicable business types and a short list of suggested POS providers. Using this information, you can decide which option might fit your budget and requirements.

These POS options are listed from lowest to highest in terms of upfront costs.

Mobile payment processing

Mobile payment processors provide you with a card reader that attaches to your mobile phone. Usually the card reader is free and you pay per swipe. Pricing may vary based on the volume of your transactions. Average swipe fees are around 2.75 percent if you choose one that doesn’t charge any other fees. Some may charge a monthly subscription rate for a lower swipe rate. Most do not require a long-term contract; you pay as you go. Avoid signing long-term contracts for any type of credit card processing. Most companies will give you the option of month-to-month terms if you ask.

Many mobile processing apps have at least basic POS features, like a product catalog, basic inventory tracking and customer management tools. Receipt printers are available (some are Bluetooth enabled), or you can email your customer the receipt from the app. Most of these card readers also work with the iPad or Android tablets (with 4G). Popular mobile payment processors include Square and Paypal.

Many companies offer a free or very affordable ($10 to $15) card swiper, or you can purchase your own.

Applicable businesses: These are a great option for any small business – farmers market or art fair vendors, small restaurants, freelance contract workers, etc. – but are most cost-effective for businesses processing less than $5,000 per month.

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