There are a few needs that you need to have in mind and evaluate through them before you buy a cash register for your restaurant. Some of the aspects that one should consider is as of the below following:

  • The size and items of your menu. If you have a lot of item inside your menu, one thing that you need to take in count is the sales and the costing of them. Traditional cash register for restaurant have the limitations of integrating with some systems such as the inventory systems and stock monitoring systems.
  • Determine the rush hour for your restaurant, a modern cash register for restaurant can help a lot in the manual workflows automation.
  • Whether there’s a need of one or more cash register for restaurants of yours.
  • Whether you will implements loyalty or gift programmes for your customers.
  • Whether there’s a need of your cash register to integrate with online ordering system.
  • Whether there’s a need for your business to run online for ordering and delivering.
  • Whether a stock management software is required for you to manage your food costing.
  • Whether there’s a need for kitchen display system (KDS) for your restaurant.
  • Whether your restaurant business need staffing management as well as payroll system.

After taken into consideration that as the year goes by, our technology undergoes some really significant advancement, cash register are slowly undergo some modernisation in the things that they could do at the same time too. From the order taking to the back kitchen production, cash register for restaurant can also integrates with some of the software system for the restaurant business owner.

Apart from this, if you ever need to do marketing for your restaurant business, some enhancement to your software itself is a must, such as loyalty programme, inventory management and staffing management software. In the effort of revolutionising the traditional cash register for restaurant, iMin came out with their very own cash register for restaurant which includes all of the above mentioned considerations in order to help the merchant run their business smoothly.

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